What you need to know before ordering a custom tune music box

  1. If you can’t place the order, it means the number of orders has reach daily limit. Please try again on the next day at 00:00 AM GMT+7 Or in the next > Hours > Minutes
  2. Only a part of the song will be put into a music box, not the whole song.
  3. The music box works by winding mechanism.
  4. Arranging a song for a music box is different from arranging a song for other instruments. There are many limitations in production process to be considerated. When you see music on Youtube named as music box version, most of them made by computer, not the actual music box.
  5. A music box plays continuously until it runs out of wind-up energy. Each winding can play for approximately 2-3 minutes or 7-8 loops.
  6. The interval of the song to make a music box can be 14 – 24 seconds in length. This interval will be one loop on a music box.
  7. How to select a song
    • The song to be make a music box should have a clear and simple melody
    • Rap/hip hop, jazz, or classic instrumental songs cannot be made.
    • Piano song is also acceptable if it has a simple melody.
    • Guitar songs are not recommended. They sound strange when turned into a music box melody.
    • Please send a link of an original version, not a music box or piano version.
  8. How to select the interval of the song
    • Chorus section is most preferable for making a music box because it is the most recognizable and clearest part. This will give the seamless looping and smooth sound of your music box.
    • A vocal part is more preferable than an instrumental part. The melody derived from words is clearer and easier to convert into a music box demo. While the instrumental part which is more complicated may cause distorted sound from the original.
    • Picking the start and the end of the interval carefully is important to create a seamless transition between loops.
    • You don’t need select the interval at maximum length 24 seconds. Looping is more important. The length 18-21 seconds is the best. it will produce the clearest sound.
    • The interval you selected must not contain too many repeated notes. The repeated notes means same notes are played in a short period of time like C C C C D D D D. 80% of songs submitted to us are rejected because of this reason. This is an example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpqqjU7u5Yc at 0:58-1:13.
  9. How we make a demo
    • Within 3 days after you order, we send the first demo for you to approve.
    • Once the order has been placed, you cannot change a song or change/modify an interval. Making demos is not just rearranging the notes, but also  designing some parts in music boxes. These changes mean we must start everything over again.
    • In the Demo making, we start with arranging the main melody which is extracted from the vocal. It will be exactly the same as the original track. Then we add an auxiliary melody (chord) and rearrange it based on the music box’s limitations.
    • After we send you a Demo, you can let us edit the demo if it is deviated from original.
    • Key of the song may be changed from the original and you can’t select the keys. For some demo, the finished music box may have a different key from the demo due to software’s limitation.
    • We will consider gap between loops as appropriate.
  10. Refund Policy
    • In case your song can’t be made, we will notify you to change song. Or, you can cancel at this stage. We will refund all your payment after deducting the PayPal fee (4.4% + 0.3 USD). 
    • If your song already processed demo but you don’t feel satisfy, you can either let us edit demo or cancel order which we will refund only 60% of your music box price.
  11. You can order and customize your engraving for your box here https://www.onlyonemusicbox.com/laser-engraving/

How to order a custom tune music box

  1. Please read all above carefully. It is very important.
  2. Choose your box and fill up the form
    • Song name: name of your song
    • Link: fill in your link (Youtube link if possible)
    • Interval: fill in start and end of the part you want (Example: 1:20-1:40). Again, maximum length is 24 seconds.
  3. Click add to cart and check out
    • You can pay in full amount or pay in a deposit amount
    • After checking out, your account password will be sent to your email. You will use it when pay the rest amount.
  4. We will send you a demo in 3 days via email or notify you if you have to change song in case that your song cannot be made.
  5. If you’re satisfied with the demo, click on a link attached in the email to confirm and continue making your music box. Or you can reply to this email with your comments for further editing.
  6. After we get your confirmation, we will start the production process. It takes 4-7 days for 1 music box.
  7. After your music box is finished, we will email a video for you to check the product. If you’re satisfied with your music box, you can pay the remaining payment in the link attached in this email. If you pay in full amount, just reply that you confirm.
  8. Your music box will be shipped out on the next day.

Note :

  • The emails from us will be attached links and files (4-7 MB). Please make sure you can receive our email.
  • No matter how many item you purchase, shipping fee will applied only one time at fixed rate. (You need to add all item in a single order)
  • If you order more than one music box with the same tune, you will get $7 discount from 2nd box onwards.(Refund the discount  after ordering)
  • After you purchase in a deposit amount, there will be 2 order numbers are generated. One is for deposit and the another one is the remaining balance.
  • For more information, please contact admin@onlyonemusicbox.com


Demo from song : https://www.youtube.com/watch?app=desktop&v=TKpJjdKcjeo&feature=youtu.be at the interval 0:00 – 0:24

Video of the finished msuic box which will be sent via email