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  • A music box that you can select any song you want make your music box
  • How to order : Place an order with your song, then we will discuss about it.
  • You can choose type of box
  • can engrave on the box
  • Processing time : 7-14 days
  • See example of the custom tune music box click!

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  • A music box that you can select music only on Tune List.
  • How to order : Place an order in this website
  • You can choose type of box
  • can engrave on the box
  • Processing time : 1-2 day

Example of custom tune music box

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Example of engraving


         It is a common dream of people around the world to create a custom-made music box of their own desirable music. This,however, is indeed rare and frankly hard since producing a music box of one song requires a special mold and forming specifically for each song. This could also mean that buyers must have a vast quantity of orders that would worth the production of music boxes of one song.

          Our Only One Music Box team is also part of those who share this common dream. During the initial period, we looked around the globe to find custom-made music box OEMs who could help us produce the unique gifts to our precious customers and we eventually found a few of them. However, the price was unreachable.

          We, then, after three years of our own determination, came up with our research and development. We have successfully discovered our own unique methods to create the one-and-only music boxes, and we are more than ready to pass this dream to our beloved ones worldwide.

custom music box

Reviews from customers

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  1. My music box is perfect! The service, quality, and accuracy, as well as the thoughtful packaging made this the perfect gift for my girlfriend. I’m so happy this came out as amazing as I’d hoped!

  2. It’s great! I’m very happy with out the music turned out. The customer service was excellent as well! They were quick to respond with whatever changes I wanted to make to the demos as well as when I wanted to change my engraving last minute. However, I’m disappointed with the engraving on the box; I would’ve rather not gotten an engraving given the result.

    Image #1 from O
    • We’re so sorry that you were disappointed with the engraving result. The inconsistent mark can occur sometime at the point of thin lines. We normally fix it manually with a marker. For this case, we may not check your box thoroughly. If you see this message and would like to fix the engraving mark please contact us.

  3. Amazing & awesome seller who comes through in delivering outstanding and caring customer service each & every time! I placed the third order and am so elated knowing it would be another fantastic experience, which, indeed, it was again 🙂 The musical movement clear, smooth and magical! The rosewood jewelry box perfectly beautiful! Thanks to this amazing seller, who exceeds expectation in every way providing so much contentment and happiness ❤️

  4. Superb seller whose attention to details is impressive! The quality of the music boxes in every way from the lovely wood to the individual musical movements are truly sublime and awesome! This is my second order, where I bought multiple music boxes again, each bringing such happiness and amazement❤️With so much appreciation as well for the careful packaging and care. It is such a delight to return and being so excellently taken care of❤️

  5. Honestly, it’s so gorgeous! Thank you very much for completing our custom order and it has arrived with plenty of time to spare until my sister in laws wedding

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