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  • A music box that you can select any song you want make your music box
  • How to order : Place an order with your song, then we will discuss about it.
  • You can choose type of box
  • can engrave on the box
  • Processing time : 7-14 days
  • See example of the custom tune music box click!
  • Assembly by senior craftsman

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  • A music box that you can select music only on Tune List.
  • How to order : Place an order in this website
  • You can choose type of box
  • can engrave on the box
  • Processing time : 1-2 day

Example of custom tune music box

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         It is a common dream of people around the world to create a custom-made music box of their own desirable music. This,however, is indeed rare and frankly hard since producing a music box of one song requires a special mold and forming specifically for each song. This could also mean that buyers must have a vast quantity of orders that would worth the production of music boxes of one song.

          Our Only One Music Box team is also part of those who share this common dream. During the initial period, we looked around the globe to find custom-made music box OEMs who could help us produce the unique gifts to our precious customers and we eventually found a few of them. However, the price was unreachable.

          We, then, after three years of our own determination, came up with our research and development. We have successfully discovered our own unique methods to create the one-and-only music boxes, and we are more than ready to pass this dream to our beloved ones worldwide.

custom music box

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  1. After trying to source the perfect song for my wife’s to be wedding present. I originally purchased a commercial copy music box from a Christmas ornament. It sounded awful and really had trouble even recognising the song.

    I stumbled across this site thinking I could submit a better version and more personalised. I sent it off for demo to make sure it could work and within a day I got the approval and a sample of my song in a computerised tone. Instantly I accepted as it sounded just what I required. Only a week and a half later it is getting shipped out to me. Even more incredibly 2 days later it has travelled around the world and now on my door. Hearing the sound on the music box I knew straight away that this was a perfect choice. My only problem now is waiting to give it to her next year.

    Thank you so much for providing excellent service

  2. I got my music box and my girlfriend loved it! Made her so happy, it’s made pretty well also, I’m happy with what I got <3 if your thinking of a custom music box this will be it

  3. Price is not bad, but the quality of the mechanism isn’t great. A couple of the notes sound grating/squeaky and it detracts from the overall tune.

    • I’m sorry to hear that the music box doesn’t sound good as you wish. Could you email me some video to check? If it happens because of malfunction or defect, I will send you a replacement right away. However, please note that it’s normal for a mechanical music box to have some creaking sound. It’s a physical effect resulted from repeated notes (same notes are played in a short period of time). We have developed our mechanism for years to solve this problem. It makes our custom tune music box has less creaking sound than general music boxes, but it’s impossible to eliminate it completely as long as there are repeated notes. We confirm that we make your music box as good as the 18-notes music box can be.

      P.S. If you compare our mechanism to big-sized mechanisms from other store, it will be different. The big-sized one will have a “damper” underneath a comb to fix the creaking sound. The damper can’t be added to the small-sized mechanism like ours.

  4. I am extremely pleased with the music box. The end product is beautiful and will make the perfect gift. It was delivered promptly even with international shipping. Thank you.

  5. very well done in music and engraving. They engraved it in very detail as I want it to be even it was very complicated picture to engrave. The process is very smooth and fast. Thanks again.

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