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What is the Custom tune music box
  1. Custom tune music box is the music box which produced with specific tune. And it will be only one piece in the world.
  2. This is the only one place in the world where you can make the custom tune music box with a mechanical movement* in an affordable price. (*a physical mechanism, not digital circuit)
  3. The mechanism inside the music box is wind-up mechanism.
  4. The mechanism’s brand is Sankyo (Japan).
  5. How to play it? : wind up the key underneath the mechanism and itwill start playing.
  6. How long does the sound of music play last? A music box plays continuously until it runs out of wind-up energy. Each winding can play for approximately 2-3 minutes or 7-8 loops.
  7. The interval of the song to make a music box can be 14 – 24 seconds in length. This interval will be one loop on a music box.
How do I know my song can be produced to be music box

4 Checklists to make music fit to the music box

  1. This song has clear and simple melodies.
  2. The interval selected is the chorus part of the song (Vocal part)
  3. The interval selected is not exceed 24 seconds in length.
  4. The interval selected does not contain too many repeated notes. This is an example of too many repeated notes at 0:58-1:13.
About Demo
  • Within 3-5 days after you order, we send the first demo for you to approve.
  • After we send you a Demo, you can let us edit the demo if it is deviated from original.
  • Each editing take 1-3 business days.
  • If you want to change your song or change interval of the song, there will be an extra cost 15 USD for changing the demo.
  • In the Demo making, we start with arranging the main melody which is extracted from the vocal. It will be exactly the same as the original track. Then we add an auxiliary melody (chord) and rearrange it based on the music box’s limitations.
  • Apart from limitation of duration (24 secs), there are also many other limitations need to be considered as well. The melodies need to be calculated by computer program to check the possibility of making into a music box. See more information here.
  • Key of the song may be changed from the original and you can’t select the keys. For some demo, the finished music box may have a different key from the demo due to software’s limitation.
Refund Policy
  • On the demo process, If we find that your song can’t be made, we will notify you to change song. Or, you can cancel at this stage. We will refund all of your payment after deducting the PayPal fee (4.4%+0.3USD).
  • If your song already processed demo but you don’t feel satisfy, you can either let us edit the demo until you satisfied or cancel order which we will give a partial refund (All of your payment deduct $20)
What is the next step after ordering?
  1. We will send you a demo in 3-5 days via email or notify you if you have to change song in case that your song cannot be made.
  2. If you’re satisfied with the demo, click on a link attached in the email to approve and proceed manufacturing process. Or you can reply to this email with your comments for further editing.
  3. We will start the production process. It takes another 4-9 days.
Additional note
  • No matter how many item you purchase, shipping fee will applied only one time at fixed rate. (You need to add all item in a single order)
  • For more information, please contact [email protected]


Example of whole process

Original song (interval 1:11-1:31)



Finished product