• We can ship to almost every country. If you can’t find your country on the list, please contact us. 
    • Local post, ePackage and USPS are not available for custom tune orders.
    • Products are shipped from Thailand. Please note import duties and taxes may apply depending on the country of destination, Only one music box is not held responsible for such charges. See shipping policy here
    • Couriers can be changed to FedEx or UPS or Aramex or equivalent.


CountryCostEstimated delivery timeCourier
Albania31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Algeria12 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Algeria73 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Andorra31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Argentina11 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Argentina87 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Australia9 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Australia55 USD5-7 Business daysAramex / UPS / FedEx
Austria11 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Austria32 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Azerbaijan26 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Bahrain28 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Bangladesh28 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Belarus27 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Belgium12 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Belgium31 USD6-11 Business daysUPS / Fedex
Bosnia and Herzegovina34 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Brazil17 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Brazil74 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Brunei26 USD6-10 Business daysAramex
Bulgaria5 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Bulgaria34 USD6-9 Business daysAramex / FedEx
Canada26 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Chile84 USD4-6 Business daysFedEx
China25 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Colombia84 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Costa Rica74 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Croatia7 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Croatia57 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Cyprus11 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Cyprus29 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Czech Republic10 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Czech Republic30 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Denmark8 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Denmark34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Egypt30 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Estonia11 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Estonia47 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Finland11 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Finland34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
France8 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
France31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Georgia58 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Germany8 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Germany31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Greece13 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Greece33 USD4-6 Business daysFedEx
Guam77 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Guyana84 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Hong Kong3 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Hong Kong14 USD5-7 Business daysSF Express
Hungary7 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Hungary39 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Iceland34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
India4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
India32 USD6-9 Business daysAramex / FedEx
Indonesia4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Indonesia18 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Iraq10 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Iraq28 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Ireland11 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Ireland34 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Israel8 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Israel34 USD6-9 Business daysFedEx / Aramex
Italy9 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Italy31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx / Aramex / UPS
Japan4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Japan24 USD5-7 Business daysFastship
Jordan30 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Kazakhstan31 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Kuwait30 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Latvia41 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Lebanon34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Lithuania39 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx / UPS / Aramex
Luxembourg6 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Luxembourg28 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Macau14 USD5-7 Business daysSF Express
Malaysia4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Malaysia13 USD6-9 Business daysAramex / FedEx / UPS
Maldides4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Maldides30 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Malta38 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Mauritius45 USD7-10 Business daysAramex
Mexico14 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Mexico26 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx / UPS
Moldova34 USD5-7 business daysFedex
Monaco9 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Monaco27 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Morocco44 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Myanmar35 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Netherlands20 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Netherlands36 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
New zealand13 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
New zealand42 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Nigeria35 USD5-7 Busoness daysAramex / FedEx
Norway13 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Norway34 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Oman10 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Oman27 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Pakistan10 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Pakistan30 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Peru85 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Philippines4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Philippines21 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Poland10 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Poland34 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Portugal12 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Portugal34 USD6-9 Business daysFedEx
Puerto Rico26 USD5-10 Business daysFedEx / UPS
Qatar21 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Romania8 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Romania34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Saudi Arabia30 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Serbia34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Singapore7 USD5-12 Business daysLinex / Janio / Aramex
Slovakia8 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Slovakia34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
South Africa11 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
South Africa30 USD5-7 Business daysFedex/Aramex
South Korea12 USD5-7 Business daysFedex
Spain9 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Spain31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Sri lanka25 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Sweden11 USD10-17 Business daysePackage
Sweden34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Switzerland13 USD14-28 Business daysLocal post
Switzerland34 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx
Taiwan18 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
Thailand0 USD1-3 DaysJ&T Express
Tunisia46 USD7-10 Business daysAramex
Turkey17 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Turkey34 USD5-7 business daysFedex
United Arab Emirates23 USD6-9 Business daysAramex
United Kingdom (UK)13 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
United Kingdom (UK)31 USD5-7 Business daysFedEx / UPS / Aramex
United States (US)12 USD12-20 Business daysUSPS
United States (US)26 USD5-7 Business daysUPS / Fedex
Vietnam4 USD12-22 Business daysePackage
Vietnam21 USD6-9 Business daysAramex