Since there are quite a lot of song in the queue,

we will tried give you the checking result with 1-3 days

You can place an order without checking song.

Please note that this is just checking if your song can be made to be a music box or not. The demo will not be created yet.

And this is just an initial check. There is still a possibility that your song will not work when it goes to Demo process.

However, you can cancel order and get a full refund(after deducting a Paypal fee 4.4%), if your song does not work.

    Tips : 4 Checklists for selecting a suitable song for making a music box

    1. This song has clear and simple melodies.
    2. The interval selected is the chorus part of the song.
    3. The interval selected is not exceed 24 seconds in length.
    4. The interval selected does not contain too many repeated notes. This is an example of repeated notes at 0:58-1:13.