How to order a music box with engraving

  1. Go to 
  2. Tap “filter” icon and check “Engravable” option (On computer, “Engravable” option is on the right side) to display only the box that can be engraved, then select the box you want.
  3. Choose custom tune or standard tune. 
  4. Tap/click “Customize” to open a customizer.
  5. Design your engraving.
  6. Tap/click “Add to cart” on the top-right.

Create your own desgin

You can design your engraving by yourself on this website and submit with your order. We will use your design to engrave on the box you choose

Example of Laser engraving

Guideline for laser engraving


Don’t make yout text too small, otherwise it will not able to read.


Use an image with a clear border line