Give a music box as a gift on Valentine’s Day.

When the festival of love comes The atmosphere around the pattern was surrounded by the scent of love. People come out to buy special gifts for their loved ones. So how do we make our gifts look special?


Where the special attention to choosing gifts for our girlfriends It is something that has great mental and emotional value. Expressing gratitude for always being by your side The more I think about it, the more it makes our loved ones happy and smiling at the same time.

Admin would like to suggest a custom made music box. which can design and make a music box individually to be especially suitable for our lovers by allowing us to choose the details as you like The material selection of the music box can be of many materials, such as wood, which can be divided into many types, colors, tones, light brown wood. The color of the wood is a bit yellow, etc. If you want a special place, there is also a service to insert photos into the music box.

As many people bring as a wedding favor or as a gift to senior relatives. Because the music box is an expression of love, romance, it conveys the feelings we have through music to the winding music box. which we choose the most special songs as a gift Instead of thanking the couple The music that goes through the music box will feel as sweet as yesterday. Most of the songs are classics such as the French song la vie en rosé, where the legendary singer has been adapted to modify the melody. including being put in a music box as well music box with love songs with illustrations This makes the music box to be given as a gift even more important. or if anyone likes modern I want to add modernity May be able to change it from a winding music box to something else But if it’s a winding type, it’s the most classical music box. Or will decorate the pattern to be pink rose and heart shape to match Valentine’s Day. If you want to add even more extras Can add the name engraving of our loved ones. Your important dates with your loved ones. Carving, we can choose the character of the font of the letters into the music box as well. A music box is a perfect gift for your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. Give a specially made music box to someone we love. At present, the music box can be changed to Thai songs instead of international songs. and can replace the selected songs in the music box The size of the music box also matters. because it indicates the purpose of use that we want the music box to be used by our loved ones in any way, such as using it on the car to decorate different rooms Place decorations in the living room Or it will be used as a decoration in the bedroom as they are familiar with.

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