Round acrylic music box

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The round acrylic music box is made of transparent acrylic material. The machine can be seen 360o. After winding the underside of the music box, the music starts playing. The lid of the round acrylic music box can be opened and closed, making it possible for the owner to change the device by themself

For special tune option, we will skip demo process. You can listen to the demo below. No demo is sent to approve. Processing time will be reduced to 4-9 days.

Listen to the special tune here
Please read instruction before ordering

This is the section of the song that will be used to create a music box and the music box will play this section repeatedly. Please notes that not every song can be produced even the interval is less than 24 seconds.


Listen to the tune here

If you would like to order special tune, Select "custom tune" then check "special tune".

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