Types of wood of the music box.

Did you know that the wood of the music box is one thing that indicates the taste of the music box holder?

If friends are to find a shop that meets the taste of the wood of a good music box, Admin has to give to the music box of the Only one music box shop. This shop has a variety of wooden music boxes that are used to make music boxes for customers to choose from. The shop will choose materials that are durable for long-term use of the music box. which will be the same material for making various furniture because it has very high durability can be used for many years And the color of the wood is still durable with international standards that are used all over the world.

It has been carefully selected by the experts of the music box production. Because the shop has to be sure that the wood that will be used to produce and it can be carved with names or letters on the music box of the shop because only one music box shop has a special service in making music boxes to order music at-need and allows customers to choose to engrave names, letters or images into the music box The wood that the shop chooses to produce must be able to withstand the heat during the carving process of the shop.
Starting from choosing the type of wood to make a music box There are three types of wood. The first type is maple. This type of wood conveys strength. resistance to obstacles like a symbol in the flag of Canada that chose to bring the maple leaf as a symbol Because of the durability of maple that can withstand cold environments. But if you look at the Chinese meaning Maple represents dignity to its holder. The color of the wood is light yellow. give a soft feeling Next, the second type is walnut wood, which walnut wood represents the exuberance of life. Doing anything will bring good results. Because walnut trees are relatively easy to grow. common People often use it to make furniture. Due to the beautiful and durable wood color. The Walnut wood color is a little light brown. and is similar to the color of cocoa All of this depends on the customer’s choice of what kind of music box they want to order. and used on any occasion If choosing a music box as a birthday present valentine’s day gift Gifts for girlfriends must be determined by the recipient’s preferences for colors, light colors, dark colors, or neutral colors. maybe choose a color to match the furniture in the house Every appearance and color of the wood has its meaning and value.

Only if we have to choose the right type of wood. and match the tastes of those who will use the music box That will make you feel good every time you hear the music plus see the wood that matches the atmosphere in the room. It makes me feel more enjoyable with the beautiful music of the music box. Along with the identity on the music box that engraved our name on the box as well. All of these services are available in one place in the music box creative Only one music box shop.
If you are interested in a custom-made music box, friends can send a link to the song in the blog of the website or Facebook of Only one music box shop. The shop will make a special note for the song that friends want. After that, they can choose. Music box and the wooden appearance to match our special music box especially.

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