History of the music box.

Hello, today admin has a good story. Let’s talk about the history of music boxes. It sounds great, but actually, this music box has been around for quite some time. Have you ever wondered where the music box came from? So what is the origin and origin of the music box? who invented Let’s go together to find answers together.

Many of you may have heard or heard music from a small music box. which has many forms They are either made of resin, ceramic, or made wood, but most of the music boxes come in two types: a cylindrical music box and a disc type. There is something that makes a sound called a vibration plate that vibrates around the teeth of the comb. resulting in various musical sounds as we have heard
Currently, in many, The company has standardized the music box models according to Japanese manufacturers: 18-note, 23-note, 50-note, 70-note, and 100-144-note. The Japanese company is currently the main music box manufacturer. But believe it or not, the music box was first born in Switzerland in 1770 by a German inventor named Paul Lochmann. In the beginning, the music box was very small. Small enough to fit in a pocket watch after that gradually build to a larger size Until there is a 13-inch long brass appearance and can also change the barrel inside to select the desired sound. And this is one of the 80-90s inventions from Switzerland. From tiny pieces to put in a pocket watch to a variety of styles until today. At present, Japan is an important producer of music boxes. After that, the music box or music box has spread and influenced in Asia. which will be more colorful with cartoon patterns Available as a set or would like a custom made music box A unique carving can be done as well.

In 1885 the German inventor brought the music box to the market widely. The first group is a disc. which is a comb that can support to create beautiful music and have been produced in a modern factory system Use better materials This made the music box very popular later. People tend to buy music boxes as birthday gifts for children. because it is a piece of beautiful music when it opens The music box will be opened to let the music from the music box help lull children to sleep and popular to buy music boxes to give as gifts during the Christmas season. The Christmas season is a season of new beginnings in Europe. This festival will be full of colors, people and music. As a result, people choose to present the music of a Christmas carol. The music box will be decorated with the image of Santa Claus, snowing or the one you see often. It will be a music box made to order in the shape of Santa Claus in a round glass box. and with snowflakes sprinkled Therefore, the music box becomes a gift for a girlfriend, friend, or adult relative. A classic for every festival

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