Tip to making music boxes sound beautiful and resonant

Sitting and listening to the music playing out of a music box might be a simple thing. that many people choose as another way to relax We often see music boxes in the offices, living rooms, or the bedrooms of many people. Maybe because the music box is suitable as a gift on special occasions. whether it is a gift for girlfriend gifts for elders or birthday present And the music box seemed to fit in with many atmospheres. The sound heard from the music box is very relaxing and adds to the aesthetics of life. Combined with the immortality of the music box, no matter where it is, it can be compatible with every environment, every age.

What if it’s about the resonance of the sound? If not just want a loud music box alone. but also want a music box with a resonant sound How do we choose a music box to have a resonant sound? Usually, the music box of the store only one music box will sound only when opened. then wind under the box to make a sound If it is closed, it will not be heard. or the music will not be able to play But it depends on the music box everyone chooses. Because each music box or music box will have different characteristics and working mechanisms.
Today, the shop only has one music box that has good tips. Of making the sound in the music box resonate, let’s tell each other. One of the most important things is that the note player in the music box must sound normal. whether it is the sound of playing Or the note buttons that have been created must be consistent with each other perfectly. no interruption or twitching from the winding of the music box and if the music box gives the perfect sound as usual The way to make the music box even more resonant is to take it out of the box. When finished, put the box and close the lid. Then put the music box on top of the box. This will make the sound of the music box more melodious and resonant. Because the music box is hard and airy at the same time. Thus, it promotes the music box to have a louder and more resonant sound. want to make friends Let’s all try to follow along. How does the sound come out? You can share it to add. Admin wants to know if friends follow the tips that admin recommends. How will it be?

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