How to choose the right music box for the recipient.

Music boxes have been around since the late ’80s. Initially, they were tiny boxes that could fit into a pocket watch. To tell what time it is now if it is 11:00 a.m. a sound will come from the housing. to tell the time in round numbers And the sound from those clocks came from a small music box. It is a good time changer of that era. Later it has evolved steadily. Until today, there are many types of music boxes that we can choose according to individual purposes. As always, the admin will offer a favorite shop that specializes in music boxes of the shop. Only one music box, the shop has a large variety of music boxes to choose from.

How to choose the right music box for the recipient It must be something that we have to think about many factors as to who the recipient is, how old they are, and which color they prefer. And we would like to give it on any occasion. Giving a music box as a gift is a gift with a long lifespan. that will remain as an impression for those who receive If we know the recipient’s information very well, it will make it even easier to make a music box. Music that you like in particular can be brought to the shop. Only one music box can help, where the shop can bring the music we want to make notes into the music box that we choose. by bringing the link of the song to the shop As for choosing the format of the music box, you can choose to watch it on the website of the shop. Or you can always talk to the shop for advice about music boxes. If the recipient we choose will send it as a gift as a child. We should also find lyrics that are appropriate for children. For example, Twinkle twinkle little star, We wish you a merry Christmas, Mary had a little lamb will be songs that are suitable and suitable for childhood. Practice listening skills as well. Especially choosing a music box to suit your age or age. It will help us to choose the music and choose the music box style to suit the person who will receive the music box even more. When the recipient receives your music box and has a song that the recipient likes, it’s more confirmation that they’ll be thinking of you when they open the music box. or selecting songs for teenage recipients You may choose a pop, international, or Korean song by an artist that the recipient likes. It’s hard to imagine that the recipient opens this music box and hears a song from an artist he likes the more impressive the recipient will be. Or to engrave the box as an artist’s image as well.

The shop can adjust the music notes according to the customers. As for the shape and size of the music box, it depends on that. Where do we want him to get the music box? For example, if you want the recipient to be placed in an elegantly decorated office, it is recommended that the music box be a little larger. Or if given to school-age children, choose a medium-sized music box that can be placed on the reading table as a decoration. That is paired with books and looks better or if given to the elderly, it is recommended to have a simple music box small size, easy to carry to listen while sitting in the room All of this, we can design our music box according to your needs. Just taking into account the preferences of the recipient is the best. because the more warmth the heart between the giver and the receiver And choosing a music box can be considered as an art that has it all. The more of our specially selected gifts, the more impressive and memorable for both the giver and the receiver.

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  1. Ann says:

    I ordered this music box paid the $18 to have it engraved got the music box no engraving at all very disappointed trying to get a hold of the company to get either a refund or a new music box without paying the extra money but nobody contacts me very disappointed will not shop here again

    • admin_onlyone says:

      Hello Ann
      I’m sorry. I’ve just seen your comment. I do apologize for my mistake. Could you please tell me your order number so that I can refund your money? I used your email from your comment to search for your order but couldn’t find it.
      Pongkul A

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