How to keep a music box for a long time.

Home decorations or small decorations that add beauty and warmth to the home. There’s one thing that we didn’t expect would go well with our home décor that is a music box. A music box can be a decoration for your home.

It is also a valuable collectible item. Because the music box has a beautiful sound that helps people feel relaxed and enjoy listening to it in a room that has an atmosphere surrounded by decoration in your room that we have chosen ourselves music boxes have been a collector’s item for decades. From the era that began to innovate and invent continually until modern times, You can see that music boxes or music boxes are present in many museums around the world. Because the music box indicates the history by looking at the material used to make the box. or indicated the culture of the people in the past and the evolution of many other forms Nowadays, we still see new music boxes or music boxes emerging all the time. Including the music itself has evolved more than before. But does everyone know? How long does a music box last? How to keep it with us as long as we can preserve the music box? Most of the music boxes are made out of waste wood. even until the present day and has anyone ever wondered how we clean music boxes?

We usually use a dry cloth or a normal cleaning cloth to clean the music box. And how to clean the music box is important, do not use water is strictly prohibited. including do not use damp cloth Not even a little wet. Use only a dry cloth. It is not cleaned for this reason because if using a wet cloth to wipe it will cause the coating on the surface of the music box to be easily corroded. And it will damage the wooden music box even more if the cloth is soaked with water continuously.

It will make the wood look older. The coating is lost. It is considered harmful to the wood. does not prolong the life of the wood more than that, it may cause the note area to rust as well. Collectors use a way to keep music boxes in cabinets well. And use only a normal clean cloth to wipe clean only. Or if there is dust, you can use a brush to clean the dust before using the cloth to wipe it. The more we maintain the music box, the better. It will make the music box last for up to 10 years and can be collected as a valuable collectible. which the longer it takes, the rarer Because according to the music box era, the production style of the music box is constantly changing. And most importantly, nowadays you can make a music box that is unique for you and the only one in the world. You can call it a DIY music box and the music box has the sentimental value of the giver and receiver. whether received as a birthday present valentine gift or on any special occasion When every time we hear music or touch a music box It will make us think more about the memories and happiness of that person as well, depending on our preservation. Because of the things we love or have value, we have to cherish and preserve them as well, right?

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